Hi, I’m Marek Matysiak, a Visual Communications Designer supporting brands with presentation design and impactful narrative.

I believe
good design

I also believe that a well-designed narrative strengthens business-oriented goals and delivers better results.

In the world of constant information noise and a short attention span, good design and proper narrative help to stand out and gain interest.

By working on the intersection of visual design and communication design I help brands to establish and clarify their compelling narrative.


My goal is to provide aesthetic design as a backbone of compelling narrative and meaningful communication.
It’s about the right impact trough linguistics tools, persuasion, data visualisation and a few more elements.

Attract, engage and make meaningful impact trough the following services.

Presentation Design

An aesthetic and professional-looking presentation with a compelling storyline can make a huge difference.

Communication Design

The better your offer or sales collateral communicates to the prospects, the better association with the brand it makes.

Visual Identity Audit

A set of assessments that provides an in-depth report of the current state and possible improvements for the brand.

Presentation Workshop

Get to know my individual workflow that delivers rapid results with proper aesthetics.

Who am I?

While I have over a decade of experience in graphic design and visual communication design, I started my professional career in a totally different field.

With previous experiences in B2B sales and digital marketing, my toolkit of techniques is a unique mixture based on an understanding of business-oriented goals, psychology of selling, and design thinking.

Therefore, for the last 6 years, I work closely with business managers and C-level executives supporting them in the creation of not only stunning but also effective visual communication.

By delivering efficient sales presentations, winning pitch decks and other sales-related collaterals I help brands to make a stronger impact with their communication.

Shall we focus on your next audacious project?