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Did you know?


of people believe that a strong narrative in a presentation is crucial for engagement.


of the same respondents declare that a great story captures their attention and keeps them involved.


of presenters feel that the hardest part of creating a successful presentation is crafting a compelling story.

Proper visual elements increase the efficiency of the narrative.

Our brain understands visuals much faster than written words. They affect us cognitively and emotionally.

We also tend to remember visuals better because they are processed by our long-term memory while words are being processed by the short-term memory

Studies show that people remember

10% of what
they hear

20% of what
they read

80% of what
they see and do

Proper audience engagement techniques improve the memorability of communication.

Engaging narrative, precise, business-oriented objectives and an appropriate style create synergy between auditory and visual channels of communication.

By using the proper visual elements and persuasion tools to express your narrative efficiently you rapidly gain the attention of the audience – right from the start. However, you’re not able to keep the attention high all the time. Our feelings and emotions are not constant – they are rather a wave that is going up and down. That’s why it’s such important to manage and dose the right emotions knowingly.

The audience won’t remember what you presented as much as they will remember how did they feel when you were presenting.

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