Presentation Design Workshops

Gain more effectiveness
in sharing your ideas.

I believe that everyone, no matter of prior experience, can learn how to make professional, aesthetic and visually compelling presentations.

Just by following a set of specific rules.

The goal of a workshop is to either provide the attendees with a set of tools and design-related knowledge which can help to improve the ability to create an aesthetic set of slides and to provide the knowledge needed to gain the right attention of the audience.

The areas of presentation design workshops


Presentation Design
for Business Executives

A workshop focusing on conveying the right story using appropriate language techniques together with a set of easy-to-implement practices and techniques for effective visual composition in the presentation software.


Storytelling and Persuasion
in Presentation Design

Learn how to create compelling stories, how to use language techniques to emphasise the benefits and how to direct the audiences’ attention using persuasion techniques in a variety of use cases.


Presentation Design
for Designers

Solely focused on the tips and tricks to use in the presentation software. Very often designers avoid presentation design software due to its constraints. But once they are deeply understood they can be used as an advantage.


tailored sessions

During the sessions, we work together on specific examples adjusted to your needs. This is the most flexible approach to people who work a lot with presentations and want to get more skill and flexibility for using them.

Every day people share their stories, spread ideas or sell products and services using meticulously crafted presentations.

Slide deck presentations became a form of everyday communication in the business world. Those who can convey the right story and present it appropriately win over those who can’t.

The craft of putting together a compelling narrative and wrapping it aesthetically is not something that most people are usually taught. That’s why we see so many poorly designed slide decks where the real value is lost.